Tara Killeen Yoga Carrick on Shannon Castlerea Co.Leitrim


“My experience at Tara Killeen Yoga has been so very positive. It sounds so clich├ęd, but I really look forward to my yoga class with Tara every Tuesday evening. I have completed 10 classes and I can already feel my flexibility improve as well as my general physical and mental health, I love it!”



“Tara has a very relaxed and gentle manner which made me feel totally at ease and helped me to really enjoy the yoga class. After each class I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated.”


Catherine (Pregnancy Yoga)

“As a “real” beginner at yoga I felt that I would be useless at it, but Tara put me totally at ease and I enjoyed it from the first minute! I am also pregnant with my first baby an I feel yoga with Tara has been of great benefit and I never feel uncomfortable during the class. I really look forward to attending the pregnancy yoga and continuing with Tara afterwards.”



“I had suffered from post natal depression and my father (who practices yoga also) suggested I attend yoga. I have found Tara’s classes to be a great help for my mind, as I feel a great sense of calm and positivity. I really look forward to my weekly class as I am guaranteed to feel happier after each session. I really enjoy the Yoga Nidra at the end. Tara taught me a lovely phrase: “when we meet the people in our lives, we should meet them all as if it is for the first time” with fresh eyes! and to interact with people with no judgement or expectation. I use this everyday! Thanks for everything Tara. Namaste.”



“I like many others have a very hectic lifestyle and I find that my weekly yoga class with Tara Killeen somehow sets me up for the week. Tara has a lovely calm and relaxed presence which seems to translate to her class and I finish each class with a huge sense of relaxation and also a feeling of rejuvenation which benefits my mind and body. I would recommend Tara’s class to anyone.”



“I find that the way Tara teaches yoga is great, especially helping me practice my balancing postures and keeping my mind centered on one thing only ‘body and breath’ It really helps me with my Martial Arts practice as this would teach discipline also. Tara is a fantastic teacher and is always there to help me ease into asanas without forcing. I really like the meditation also. I would recommend the class to everyone and to have it as the weekly treat for oneself.”



“Tara’s classes helped me to relax deeply and also eased my shoulders and neck pain. I really like the exercises as they are not too tough.”



“Tara creates such a lovely atmosphere in class – focused and meditative, and is very good at looking after us!”



“Finding Tara’s yoga class was one of the best things that have happened to me. With Tara’s excellent teaching I soon had the confidence to start practicing at home (with Tara’s specific instructions ringing in my ear and helping me through each step) I feel really grateful to Tara for introducing me to Yoga and for continuing to help me progress in my practice. I feel the benefits in all aspects of my life and I really look forward every week to my class with Tara.”



“As a male I was a bit apprehensive about starting yoga. Tara made me feel really at ease and now I look forward to my class every week. Tara is a really great teacher – Thanks Tara!”



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